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Taking the Plunge

Today is the first official day of the next chapter of' my career.

I actually did it. Wow. I. DID. IT. After three years of "what ifs" I decided to give my two weeks notice, leaving an executive level job in a company that has allowed me to grow professionally and intellectually over the past ten years.

If you would have asked me in 2007 what my ideal job was, I would have responded "director of communications," "author," or editor of a magazine." Fast forward to 2017 and my response is "I want to inspire others by making a difference."

It's interesting to see how my thinking went from titles to action. I guess you can say I want to walk the talk that most either give up on or are afraid to start.

I want to lead the conversations that others may not have the courage to lead. I want to let people know it's ok to be human, no matter your rank, age or title. I want authenticity and integrity to work hand in hand so others have a safe and nonjudgmental environment to discover their spark.

What are the qualifications for such a position? Well, first and foremost, confidence. Not the cocky kind but the kind that projects an aura of "I believe," "I see potential when others don't," and "I'm not afraid to stand up for my values and what I'm passionate about." I can finally say that I'm there, this sacred and coveted frame of mind.

Leaving a comfortable place is not easy. I never realized how badly the status quo had consumed my thoughts, actions and view of what my future should be. I have been a cautiously creative person but now I'm ready to unleash everything I've got for all to see.

There's never a good time to jump but it's been on my bucket list for a long time.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Do I have regrets? Not at all. I would have more regrets not ever trying to follow my genuine spark. I've always been told my writing, creativity and insights were gifts. But it's not until now that I discovered how I was meant to use them.

I took the plunge with no specific destination in mind. For where I end up is how I was meant to make a difference.

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